PerformancesTechnological leap

Technological leap

  • Betz Limit Free:
    For the same swept area (by a wind turbine), the wind energy captured by the sail shaped body of the Saphonian is twice as higher as that of conventional wind turbine. By replacing the 3-blade rotor by a compact sail-shaped body (curved) that enjoys high aerodynamic coefficients (Cl and Cd), the Saphonian has set itself free from the insurmountable Betz limit.
  • High Efficiency :
    Due to its different technical approach and specific design, the Saphonian offers an efficiency level about 3 times as high as current technology. The latest tests have shown a 2.3 range of efficiency enhancement (still under improvement).
  • No Gyroscopic Effect :
    The rotational motion of rotor is the source of the gyroscopic effect and has an adverse impact on the Yaw System (used to maintain the upwind orientation of turbines). The Saphonian, as a non rotational system, doesn’t suffer from this effect.
  • Hydro-Aerodynamic Braking :
    Unlike current bladed technology, the Saphonian braking system, is entirely intrinsic and is activated by the synchronization of its motion.