The SaphonianIllustration

(A short video produced by France Television highlighting the story of Saphon Energy and partially disclosing the motion of the 4th generation of the Saphonian zero-blade wind converter (lab-scale version))

By replacing the turbine’ blades by a sail-shaped body that enjoys high aerodynamic drag coefficient (Cd), our Zero-Blade device is capable of capturing twice as much wind kinetic energy as conventional bladed wind turbine for the same swept area. The curved shape of the Saphonian body (Cd of 2.3) is capable of swallowing a great part of the blowing wind. Thanks to the specific motion of the sail-shaped body and the absence of blades, the Saphonian has set itself free from the Betz law (the Saphonian isn't a wind turbine). It also reduced major aerodynamic losses given its bladeless design.