• Low Manufacturing Cost :
    By replacing the expensive blades by a sail-shaped/made body and by reducing the size and weight of the machine, it is possible to significantly reduce the manufacturing costs.
  • Energy Storage Option :
    The use of the hydraulic system (optional), as an intermediary link between the mechanical and electrical stages, has a major advantage. The hydraulic pressure could either be stored (in hydraulic accumulator) or directly converted to electricity using hydraulic generator. This addresses the intermittency issue.
  • Easy Centralization :
    Further cost reductions are possible by centralizing the hydraulic and electrical systems on the ground (higher economies of scale and lower operating and maintenance costs).
  • Minimum Turbulent Wind Impact
    Thanks to the aerodynamic shape of the Saphonian, turbulent winds have minor impact on its performance and even increase the net aerodynamic force. This enables the use of the Saphonian in urban areas (where the wind is frequently turbulent) which could result in minimizing the grid connection costs.